The Crown

It is speculated that it cost $150 million to make and I’d say it’s worth every penny.  I’m talking about Netflix’s drama The Crown.  The Crown goes behind Buckingham Palace to recount the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  Claire Foy plays the queen as she begins her ascension to the throne at the early age of 25 around 1955.  Foy says Elizabeth is a  “watcher and a thinker, more than a doer”.  She has to handle Parliament and Winston Churchill (played so well by John Lithgow) all without a formal education in which she challenges her mother’s parenting skills for not better equipping her for her new role.  I found out that her marriage to Prince Philip was not exactly approved of by all.  It’s revealed her sister Princess Margaret had an long scandalous affair.  Each character learns how they have to change their lives in order to adapt to their new titles after the death of the King.  Plus the fashion…the diamonds, silks, and of course the crowns.  I’m only halfway through the first season ( heard 4 more are on order) and can’t wait to see more.  Here’s a picture of the cast:

And a picture of the Netflix character and the real queen: