Macy’s holiday campaign for years now has been “Believe”.  Believe in what?  Believe if you work for Macy’s you are working in an extremely insecure job atmosphere.  Believe that corporate American only looks at the bottom line?  Macys’ has never to my recollection contributed to our area and its charities.  And yet somewhere in the back of my mind I kept hoping that Macy’s would reconsider their decision to close our local store.  I wished a miracle could happen on Mall Drive like the miracle happened in the holiday movie Miracle On 34th Street which is set in a Macy’s store.  I spoke with several sales associates at our Macy’s who said this past Christmas shopping season was their best ever and this store is ranked number one in the store’s region.  I have heard that often over the years.  So why close a successful store?  The response was that Macy’s wants fewer stores and only stores in heavily populated regions.   Yes online buying is booming but most women I know want to try their clothes on, they want to see the product they are buying.  I can’t and won’t buy pants, a swimsuit, most shoes, or makeup online.  Women’s clothing line sizes extremely vary.  But this just isn’t about me, it’s more about the people losing their jobs.  Macy’s says many workers will be displaced (what a horrible word) and forcing them to travel further for a sales job.  Good luck with that.

This is what I believe.  We all have to conscientiously make an effort to support our local businesses.  The same businesses that support us.  These businesses tirelessly provide giveaways for fundraisers, show up at events and donate their time, and many fork over their own money to make our home town a better place to live.