Bombs Away

I forgot about John Stewart until one day while working here at The River.  One day I heard John Stewart’s song “Gold”.  We always talk about how we play great songs and this certainly is one of them.  It took me back to a time when I was in California.  Sold all my stuff, drove across the states, and landed in Manhattan Beach (followed a boy).  Now one block away from the ocean.  Warm, breezy, simple, hippy dippy days.

John Stewart was a Californian (very few people are, most transplants).  Born in 1939.  He played guitar and wrote.  Was in a couple of bands then stumbled upon the Kingston Trio.  They took one of his songs and that’s when he received his first royalty.  Said he made more money on that one song than his father did in an entire year (his dad trained race horses).  He later joined the group creating folksy sounding music.

He wrote Daydream Believer for the Monkees.  He performed with James Taylor, Linda Ronstadt, Phil Everly, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Carly Simon on one of his LPs.  In 1979 his “Bombs Away Dream Babies” album came out.  That’s where his biggest hit “Gold” came from.  Ironically it was a song about his not making money which produced millions for him.  Dug it and all the memories out the other day.