MTM Remembered

You’re gonna make it after all!  Encouraging words for so many.  Especially young women like me growing up in the 70’s.  Mary played a single working girl, which by today’s standards doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was groundbreaking tv back then.  I could relate.  My mom was single raising three kids on a secretary’s salary.  And then at 17 I went into the workforce to try to make it on my own.

Even before The Mary Tyler Moore show she broke barriers.  She was one of the first actresses to wear pants in The Dick Van Dyke Show.  Most actresses in sitcoms wore little dresses complete with the standard set of pearls and heels all while always vacuuming or washing the dishes.  Producers were worried she’d look too defiant.  They used the term “cupping under” to refer that the back of her pants that had too much “definition.”

She taught us that you can be strong and yet caring, competent and competitive.  She made the workplace less harsh.  She did turn the world on with her smile that we’ll never forget.

Click on audio above for Joan Jett’s version of the MTM theme song.