Newcomerstown Officer Fired for Lying & Now Facing Charges

An officer who claimed he was shot during a traffic stop, which then kicked off a manhunt earlier this month, has admitted it was all a lie. Officer Bryan Eubanks, we now know, deliberately injured himself. He said it was a shot from an unknown assailant. But Eubanks made it all up. Eubanks has now been fired from the Newcomerstown Police Department. He was ordered to undergo a medical evaluation after admitting his fraud. So far, investigators say they have no idea why he called into headquarters, saying that he had been shot in the arm or chest, but he didn’t think the bullet went through his vest, following a traffic stop. That kicked off a massive manhunt for an alleged shooter in a black Geo Tracker. The man whose name Eubanks gave as the suspect, did indeed have a rather shady past, but he came in and cooperated and it was learned that he had nothing to do with it, and in fact… no knowledge of it. Sheriff Campbell has so far, described the incident as a failed suicide attempt. Campbell also said however, that all officers now feel betrayed, and they are going to hold Eubanks accountable. Campbell says charges will be filed against Eubanks.