Really Fishy Story

So during game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs someone through a fish on the ice.  A catfish.  Not being an expert of sports I thought this was really odd.  But it appears to be the norm…kind of.  We’ve all heard of the octopus being thrown but there have also been fake rats, hamburgers, rubber snakes, a skinned duck, shark meat, underwear, teddy bears, even a prosthetic leg (eh, it was the Canadian league) thrown onto the ice.

According to the New York Post, 36 year old Jacob Waddell called himself “a dumb redneck with a bad idea”.  He was ejected from the game (from his $350 seats) and charged with disorderly conduct, possessing instruments of crime (?), and disrupting processions.  Since when is a catfish an instrument of crime?  Waddell said  he sprayed the fish down with Old Spice (which surely would make matters only worse), cooked it, cut out most of it’s guts, ran it over with his truck multiple times until it was flat enough to fit down his pants for the game.  He went to a lot of trouble to do this.  So he threw it on the ice during a break in the action.  Thank goodness he has good aim.  I hate to be sitting in front of him and get smacked in the head with a catfish.

While this is all probably  part of the crazy game of hockey, remember fans can throw hats after a hat trick.  I’m glad the guy was ejected and fined.  Although that will probably be reduced.  It does prove how someone can smuggle something the size of a catfish without being noticed and that to me is scary.


Picture courtesy of Associated Press.