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Cindy’s Bio

Proud parents Pat and Dave brought me into the world in the little town of Wadsworth, Ohio. Wadsworth, at the time, was the Match Capitol of the World. Every summer, during Wadsworth Week, the good citizens would erect and light the town’s giant two story matchstick and proceed onto the Toilet Tossing Contest. Hmmmm…that upbringing could explain a lot.

I’ve bounced around the country from Cleveland to L.A. and have even been abroad. Well, I’m still a broad…and unbelievably for over forty years a broadcaster. I’ve been at The River for a over a decade. Our station has been nominated for the prestigious Crystal Award 4 times for our public service. Pretty cool.

I’m also blessed to have a blissful married life (second time around is definitely better) to hubby Bill Chesson. I love to cook, eat, and drink.

Life is good.