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  • The Value of the Spoken Word

    The Value of the Spoken Word

    I’m reprinting parts of this article written by Bob McCurdy on April 29.  It appeared in Radio Ink online.   The spoken word. The most intimate of ways to communicate…Few things can generate more emotion or immediate action… This might sound a bit melodramatic, but suffice it to say the spoken …Read More »
  • Really Fishy Story

    Really Fishy Story

    So during game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs someone through a fish on the ice.  A catfish.  Not being an expert of sports I thought this was really odd.  But it appears to be the norm…kind of.  We’ve all heard of the octopus being thrown but there have also …Read More »
  • A Hockey Yarn

    A Hockey Yarn

    Have you heard about the woman who knits at Penguins games?  She sits behind the bench and knits away!  Her name is Michelle Miller and she’s from Maryland, and she’s a faithful Pens fan!  She’s kind of become famous for knitting at the games.  She says when the action gets …Read More »
  • A Day Without Rain!

    A Day Without Rain!

    Finally, I can get some yard work done although all the rain did help everything grow (mostly the weeds!).  Here’s my pansy purse (yep, moss covered purse with pansies) from DiGregory’s.  They come up with really creative, fun garden items every year. And of course there’s my pansy chair!  Read More »
  • Now We’re Cooking!

    Now We’re Cooking!

    Made one of my favorites… corn and clam chowder.   I don’t have a written recipe just make it up as I go along.  I first cook onions and garlic in a little butter and a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.  Then add the clams (2 cans) and their juice.  …Read More »
  • Sports


    I love sports, but being raised by a single mom and 2 sisters, sports wasn’t really a key element in my childhood.  And I wish that wasn’t the case.  Girls today that participate in sports have higher levels of confidence and  better self esteem.  Not to mention the benefits of …Read More »
  • Yea Spring!

    Yea Spring!

    Want to thank Ally from the Art Alley in Wintersville for hooking me up with this gorgeous spring wreath!    Read More »
  • Weekend Trivial Pursuits

    Weekend Trivial Pursuits

    What a gorgeous weekend!  We’re getting teased by nature on this spring like weather.  What better thing to do than go through the car wash! Then we finished a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that was a satellite picture of our town (actually just the western part of Steubenville).  This was …Read More »
  • MTM Remembered

    MTM Remembered

    You’re gonna make it after all!  Encouraging words for so many.  Especially young women like me growing up in the 70’s.  Mary played a single working girl, which by today’s standards doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it was groundbreaking tv back then.  I could relate.  My mom was …Read More »
  • Bombs Away

    Bombs Away

    I forgot about John Stewart until one day while working here at The River.  One day I heard John Stewart’s song “Gold”.  We always talk about how we play great songs and this certainly is one of them.  It took me back to a time when I was in California.  …Read More »
  • Believe


    Believe? Macy’s holiday campaign for years now has been “Believe”.  Believe in what?  Believe if you work for Macy’s you are working in an extremely insecure job atmosphere.  Believe that corporate American only looks at the bottom line?  Macys’ has never to my recollection contributed to our area and its …Read More »
  • Nutty Nutcracker

    Nutty Nutcracker

    Got this for the holidays and just have to share.  Believe it or not it is an actual working nutcracker…a shopping, shoe loving, nutcracker with brown hair and green eyes like mine…Ha!  Read More »
  • How To Get More Wine

    How To Get More Wine

    If you want to get a little more  wine the next time you’re at a restaurant, here are two ways to do it.  They won’t make a huge difference, but you might get a little stronger buzz . . . 1.  Before you sit down, look for a section with …Read More »
  • The Crown

    The Crown

    It is speculated that it cost $150 million to make and I’d say it’s worth every penny.  I’m talking about Netflix’s drama The Crown.  The Crown goes behind Buckingham Palace to recount the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  Claire Foy plays the queen as she begins her ascension to the …Read More »
  • Say Bye Bye to 2016!

    Say Bye Bye to 2016!

    This was a rough year!  So many people passed away…famous and those that I just personally knew!  An artist (Chris Barker) designed a Sgt. Peppers tribute to those famous who we lost this year. Here’s the link to the article  Read More »
  • Well this Sums It Up

    Well this Sums It Up

  • ND 2016 Trip

    ND 2016 Trip

    This was a crazy summer but we did get away for a weekend visit to the hubby’s beloved Notre Dame.  This is your first view of Our Lady of Notre Dame. The Golden Dome. Lake side rest at St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Lakes before… visiting the Grotto… and the …Read More »
  • The Longest Table

    The Longest Table

    You can kneel all you want during the National Anthem to try and bring attention to inequality but wouldn’t it be better to do something more positive? Today I too part in The Longest Table. The Urban Mission in Steubenville blocked off a an entire block and set up a …Read More »
  • Camo Cream

    Camo Cream

    I discovered this over the weekend. Camouflage ice cream! Ha! Check this out!  Read More »
  • My Cup Runneth Over

    My Cup Runneth Over

    Finally found my pictures of me with the Stanley cup (a few years back)! This one is from ’91 (I believe). And this from ’09.. How cool is that!  Read More »