Libraries Rock

Listen for the rock question during The River’s morning show form 6a-9a to win!

Prizes include tickets to amusement parks, Pirate tickets, books from the rock stars, tickets to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and more!  Plus two grand prizes of a

Congrats to our winners of those Fire 7 with Alexa Tablets!  Trisha Headly of Adena and Todd Kildow of Bethesda!   


On Friday we asked:  This famous rock star helped to revive Johnnie Johnson’s career who was the original piano player for Chuck Berry?  A: Keith Richards is the answer.  Keith was the musical director for a feature film to celebrate Chuck Berry’s 60th birthday.  He asked Johnnie Johnson to perform with Chuck for the movie.  At the time Johnnie was a bus driver.  After the movie, Johnny went back to playing all over the world.  Source:  “Life” by Keith Richards.  Tom West of Weirton won Chicago and Reo Speedwagon concert tickets!

On Thursday Joey & Cindy asked:  Who inducted Chuck Berry into the Hall of Fame?  It was Keith Richards in 1986.  Source:  The book “Life” by Keith Richards.  Georg Wiley of Toronto won Pittsburgh zoo tickets!

Wednesday 7/18’s question was what was the debut song for the Beatles:  Love Me Do, Please Please Me, or I Want To Hold Your Hand?  The correct answer is “Love Me Do given by Mark Petroski of Barnesville who won Grand Vue Park tickets.

Tuesday we asked destroying their instruments after a concert was an early Who tradition.  How did it start?  The Pete Townshend, “a six-footer, accidentally hit his guitar against a low ceiling and broke it.  The fans went wild.”  Source: “Rock ‘N’ Roll Trivia:  30 Years of Music” by the editors of Consumer Guide.  Jay Stevey won a $25 Hard Rock Cafe gift card.  Jay is from Benwood.

(missed Friday due to illness)  On Monday July 16 we asked 2 questions!   What was Bob Dylan’s real name, when did he change it, and why?  The answer:  Robert Allen Zimmerman.  He changed it in the early 60s in honor of Dylan Thomas.  Source: “Rock ‘N’ Roll Trivia:  30 Years of Music” by the editors of Consumer Guide.  Paul Conaway won more Wildthings tickets.  Paul is from Rayland.
And we also asked Ed Sullivan once asked The Stones to censor the lyrics to a song they were planning to sing on his show.  What was the song?  Let’s Spend The Night Together.  Sullivan wanted the lyric changed to Let’s Spend Some Time Together.  Mike Adams from Moundsville won baseball tickets!

On Thursday July 12 we asked: The Lido Apartments lobby was used to shoot the inside photos for what album of the Eagles? And the answer is Hotel California!  Source:  “The Eagles FAQ” by  Andrew Vaughan and confrats to Andrew Williams of Bloomingdale who won 6 Washington Wildthings tickets!

On Wednesday we asked this question:  This artist who sold more than 100 million records both as a bald drummer of Genesis and solo artist, started the charity Little Dreams.  Little Dreams helps children with tuition, coaching, and guidance in the fields of music, the arts and sports.  Answer is Phil Collins and Trisha Headley won his book “Not Dead Yet” by Phil Collins and 4 Pittsburgh Zoo tickets.

Q: Whose self-penned epitaph reads, “Please don’t judge me too harshly”?  Brian Jones;  Keith Moon; or Jim Morrison? A: Brian Jones  Less than a month after Jones announced his departure from The Rolling Stones, the group’s original lead guitarist was found dead in his swimming pool.  Winner is Dennis Wolfe of Rayland!  Won Pittsburgh Zoo tickets.

Which of the following Top 40 hits was not written by Bob Dylan?  “All Along the Watchtower” by Jimi Hendrix; “Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) by The Byrds or “Blinded By The Light” by Manfred Man’s Earth Band?A: Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season) by They Byrds.  It was written by folk-music legend Pete Seeger.  Our winner is Mark Adams of Moundsville!  He won Grand Vue Park tickets!

Friday we asked: Who played the guitar solo on Michael Jackson’s 1983 chart-topper Beat It?  Eddie Van Halen, Joe Walsh or Paul McCartney?  It was Eddie Van Halen  Jackson and his producer Quincy Jones asked Van Halen to play the lead part and Van Halen obliged by providing two solos with his trademark Hammerons.  Van Halen did not ask to be nor was he, paid for his work.  Source:  “Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia” by Michael Harling.  Giveaway:  3 half hour guitar lessons with Ethan Howard,

Thursday’s 7/5 question:  Who said “I can’t hardly sing, you know what I mean?  I’m no Tom Jones, and I couldn’t give a damn.” ?  Was it Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, or Neil Young?  A: Mick Jagger  The Rolling Stones’ front man admitted his vocal shortcoming in a 1968 interview with Rolling Stone magazine when asked a question about his exuberant stage antics.  “The Rolling Stones on stage just isn’t the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra,” Jagger explained.  “It’s  a load of noise.  On record it can be quite musical, but when you get to the stage it’s no virtuoso performance.  It’s a rock ‘n’ roll act, a very good one, and nothing more.”  Source:  “Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia” by Michael Harling.  Our winner was Crystal Dombroski of Martins Ferry and she won Kennywood tickets!

Happy Fourth of July – no trivia today but more on the way!

Tuesday the question was where did Marvin Aday (aka Meatloaf) get his nickname?  The question was his father.  He called him that from “almost the time my mother  brought me home”.  The source is “Rock ‘N’ Roll’s Strangest Moments: Extraordinary Tales from over 50 years of Rock and Roll music History” by Mike Evans.  Winner of 4 Uhrichsville water park tickets was Gary Barnes of Wellsburg..

Monday July 1st’s question was according to Rolling Stone magazine, what song did Jackson Browne write while driving to the studio each day to record “The Pretender”?  The answer is “Running On Empty”  and the winner of a Libraries Rock tote bage, notebook, and pen was Angel Huckabee of Triadelphia.

Fridays question was “with a rebel yell this performer admits that he was pretty useless in school.  History was the only subject he was interested in his in.  He said, “I was naturally proficient at religious instruction for some inexplicable reason that probably God only knows.” Who’s the rock star?  Billy Idol!  Winner of a $25 Hard Rock Cafe gift card was Dave Hermann of St. Clairsville.

Thursday 6/28 Libraries Rock question was: which fruit, used as a trademark for a legendary band’ recording company and later a computer company, spurred in to a copyright battle?  The answer…the apple!  Up for grabs is a Libraries Rock earbuds, USB, gadget pen, and Pittsburgh Zoo tickets.  Winner Patti Laguso of Belmont, Ohio gets the goods!

Wednesday we asked which rhythm and blues artist inspired Duane Allman to first realize he wanted to play music?  The answer?  B.B.King!  Congratulations to Robin Daines of Follansbee.  Robin wins Pittsburgh zoo tickets and Duane Allman’s biography, “Please Be With Me: A Song For My Father, Duane Allman” by Galadrielle Allman.

Tuesday’s (6/26) question was what store did Greg Allman buy his first guitar (source for question is “Please Be With Me: A Song for My Father, Duane Allman”.  We had 2 winners Jeff Williams of  Bloomingdale and Tyler Kinney of Jacobsburg.  Both won tickets to the Uhrichsville Water Park also the Pittsburgh Zoo!

Libraries Rock!  Monday 6/25 we asked the question, “Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham seem like a love tale as old as time.  Stevie, in her biography, said she knew it was over between them when this happened.  What was she referring to?  The answer was “the day his first child was born.  I knew that was it.  That was the definitive thing.”  The winner was Debbie Gilbert from Adena and Debbie won the book, “Gold Dust Woman:  the biography of Stevie Nicks” by Stephen Davis.

Friday’s 6/22 we asked:  In his book, “Kill & Grill It”, this rock star says his family “doesn’t waste good hunger…or family mealtimes on fast food or junkfood.  We think of fast food as mallard or quail garlic’d and buttered to perfection.”  Who’s the rock star?  And the answer is Ted Nugent!  Terry Ziegler of Rayland won a Libraries Rock apron and 8 Washington Wildthings tickets!

Thursday’s question was: “He may not be able to drive 55 but this artist proved in his cookbook he can rock it in the kitchen just as hard as he can on stage.  Who is this rock star?”  The answer is Sammy Hagar!  And the winner was Terry Clark of Toronto who won Sammy’s Cooking and Partying Handbook called “Are We Having Fun Yet? and Pittsburgh Zoo tickets!

Wednesday’s Libraries Rock question was: after a world-wide success as a bass player, this rocker left the band, started a family, and went back to school to enroll in business classes in Seattle – he even made the principal’s list.  Who the rock star?  Answer is Duff McKagan of Guns N’ Roses.  Our winner is Shirley Frankovitch of Amsterdam and she won a $25 gift card from the Hard Rock Cafe.

On Tuesday’s (6/19) show Bob Jackson of Bellaire won a Libraries Rock coffee mug and a dozen donuts from TREAT in Steubenville.  The question was Carole King  just released her big hit album Tapestry and she went on the road to promote it.  She was the opening act for this artist who just happened to be married to Carly Simon.  Who was the main act?  Answer James Taylor!

Monday June 18th’s question was:  what group originated in Gainesville, Florida, performed at a Super Bowl halftime, and their 1981 hit album included the lead singer performing a duet with Stevie Nicks?  The answer is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.  The prize is a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Board game.

Friday June 15’s question was…name this group – Each member of this group has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame TWICE!  And after the shootings at Kent State, they wrote the protest song, “Ohio.”  Answer is Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.  Todd Kildow of Bethesda won the Rock & Roll Hall board game!!

On Thursday June 14 question 4 was This lead singer appeared in Wayne’s World, The Simpson’s, and has his own version of guitar hero.  In his book he was quoted saying “a song is constructed like a tree – from roots to branches – and when it’s done you hope it bears fruit.”  The answer is Steven Tyler!  Brian Kuntz of Toronto is our winner of Steven Tyler’s autobiography (Does The Noise In My head Bother You) and 20 tickets to the Washington Wildthings for his little league team!

Question 3 given on Wednesday June 13 was:  The son of this rock star, who passed away in 2016, said on twitter that his dad was a beast of a reader.  The son then started an online book club using his dad’s favorite books.  Name the rock star dad?
Answer:  David Bowie!
Our winner is Scott LaRue of Wintersville AND he won 2 tickets to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland!

Question #2 on Tuesday, June 12 was:  Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones of The Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and more all died at the same age.  How old were they all when they died?
Answer:  27 and our winner of 2 Kennywood/Sandcastle/Idlewild is Dave Herman of St. Clairsville!

Question #1 on Monday, June 11 is:  Sometimes in rock & roll, the wives become just as much the story as the players in the band.  Name the woman who was married to both legendary musicians George Harrison and Eric Clapton?
Answer: Pattie Boyd!
Winner:  Yea! Scott Baumgardner of Beech Bottom.  Winner of the book “Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me” by Patti Boyd